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The Tiny Ghost Newsletter is back!!!

Tiny Ghost Press Newsletter 2.0, Issue #1, Jan 31, 2024

Hi friend!

Welcome to the new and improved Tiny Ghost Press newsletter.

It's 2024 and we're back! Full disclosure, we really fell off the newsletter bandwagon last year. Between publishing four amazing queer books and working on lining up a pretty amazing catalog for the next couple of years, we ran out of bandwidth and had to put the newsletter on the back-burner.

But it's so important to us to have a place where we can share what we're up to and to communicate with our Tiny Ghost fam. So we've made a plan and we've divided the workload between our amazing, talented team of driven publishing professionals and we've come up with a plan to release a monthly newsletter on the last day of each month, that will not only let you know about upcoming Tiny Ghost books, sharing covers reveals, releases, and deals announcements, but that will also be an entertaining read, providing you with industry insider tidbits, entertainment, and recommendations.

We're putting together a newsletter that is not just promotional but that gives you, the reader, something of value, because Tiny Ghost is about more than just the books we put out (although that's pretty important too), we're also about building a community and sharing our passions with likeminded folk.

Each month we'll be giving an update on all things Tiny Ghost, plus a fun article written by one the team on a different topic; a chance to get to know the Tiny Ghost authors a little better; we'll be answering your burning questions; letting you know what we've been enjoying in the culture and what's been inspiring us that month; a spooky little friend of ours will be popping in to say hi; and there will be a new Tiny Ghost Word Search each week, that you can solve here or online!

We hope you'll join us on this new endeavour. If you have suggestions, questions you'd like answered, or you just want to tell us what you've been watching, reading, or listening to, we'd love to hear it! Go absolutely off in the comments!

I'm also excited for you to meet more of our hardworking team!

I hope you enjoy!

Stay scary,

Josh xx

Looking For Queer Young Adult Novels for 2024? We've Got You Covered!

Sucker-punching our way into the year, we have Girls Night which is out on April 16th. Written by I.S.Belle, this is a book full of intensity and passion. The story centers around a quartet of girls at Sterling High. The unlikely friends, funnel their angst and hormones into an underground fight club called "Girls Night", but things turn deadly when an unhinged cheerleader enters the ring, derailing what they'd created with dire consequences.

For summer we're going out of this world, and right back again, with Trailer Park Prince. The debut novel by Andre L. Bradley will be published on June 11th.

The story follows twin princes, Noan and Jormon, a decade after a rift tore them, and thousands of their people, from their home world, to the American South. This story is a thought provoking and unflinching depiction of prejudice, racial oppression, and the need to define oneself in the face of adversary, Trailer Park Prince is a timely allegory unafraid of addressing the divides facing our society. Full of magic, queer identities, action, and social commentary, this is an urgent and biting contemporary sci-fi fantasy.

Jump-scaring our way into Spooky Season we're so excited to bring to life Haunting Melody, on October 1st! In Chloe Spencer's second novel with Tiny Ghost Press, we embark on a fantasy mystery adventure that centers around a ghosthunter who has to teamed up with a musically talented ghost in order to solve the mystery behind a series of deaths in their small island town.

To close out the year, and still cloaked in some mystery, we have Keep It In The Dark. Our second novel with Justin Arnold, author of Wicked Little Things will be published in December. Keep It In The Dark is an enemies-to-lovers, dark academia romance, in which a recently turned teen vampire becomes the first vamp to attend an exclusive boarding school, where things are tough enough, despite having to share a room with the handsome but begrudging principal's son, who is harbouring a secret of his own.

This one touches on the censorship of queer identities, the isolation of feeling like the odd one out, and has mystery, intrigue, vampire lore, and a whole lot of romance.

Tiny Ghost Author Deep Dive

Starting next month we'll be asking all of our authors some probing questions to get to know them a little better! Tune in next week for the start of this regular column.

Culture We've Enjoyed This Month!

A monthly breakdown of the culture the Tiny Ghost Team has been enjoying and inspired by this month.

Books: Tomorrow and Tomrrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

Before The Coffe Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Under The Whispering Door by TJ Klune

Film: Poor Things (Emma Stone supremacy)

The Boy and the Heron (dream logic, stunalista)

Mean Girls (you can't sit with us)

Bottoms (so funny!!!!!)

TV: Percy Jackson and the Olympians


Music: Renée Rapp

Ariana Grande (Yes, and we can't wait for the album!)

Chappell Roan (new pop girly alert!!!)

Podcasts: Seek Treatment (Cat and Pat are back!)

Your Burning Questions Answered!

Each week we'll answer one of your burning questions. Whether you want to know a little more about how we work as a publisher, the books we publish, or just want to know when your favorite werewolves are returning, we've got you covered.

Q: What books is Tiny Ghost Press Looking to acquire this year?

A: This year are looking for queer books with a diverse range of representation, particularly books from trans authors,  authors of color, and neurodivergent authors. We are particularly interested in contemporary stories with a genre twist. More specifically we’d love to see more sapphic horror, maybe a 90s style slasher?  More mysteries that keep us guessing. Some darker themes that really speak to the experience of teens in our current society. We want to get back to our spooky roots and acquire some haunting or terrifying books this year. 

If you have a question you'd like answered sound off in the comments or send us an email at

Tips from Tony the Tiny Ghost!

Are you starting a writing project this new year? Here are some tips!

  • First drafts are meant to be ugly, write that first draft and don’t look back until you’ve made it all the way home.

  • Make it fun…if a scene feels dull to you, think of a way to tackle it that you enjoy, this way the reader is more likely to enjoy it.

  • An outline is useful to free up creative energy while writing, if your brain is busy thinking of what happens next it has less energy to put toward creating characters, crafting descriptions that do more than just describe what a character is seeing, and making beautiful sentences.

  • Go easy on yourself…if you write one sentence, that’s a sentence you didn’t have yesterday, writing a novel is an ultra marathon not a sprint.

Tiny Ghost Press - Word Search

NEW YEAR, NEW GHOUL - Things We Want To Do More Of In 2024

Play online here:

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