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Happy Haunting Holidays!


As the year comes to a close we wanted to reach out to wish you all a very happy holiday season and to say thank you for your support this year! We wish you all the safest and most festive breaks and all the gingerbread, eggnog, and candy canes you can stand! 

Here is a personal message from our Tiny Ghost founder and editorial director Joshua Dean Perry:

What a year it's been!

I'm so proud of the books we've published this year. We've run the gamut from sapphic monsters, to romantic werewolves, fed my raging nostalgia for 90s teen dramas, and glimpsed into the future (spoiler warning: it's super gay). Everyday I try to remind myself how lucky I am to work with a cohort of such talented, generous, and collaborative authors who have taken a chance on a small indie publisher, still finding its place in the world. Working with authors is my favorite part of the publishing process and I'm the most lucky, privileged editor ever. As anyone in publishing knows, it takes a Christmas village to publish a book and I've been so lucky to have an amazing team. To everyone who has worked at Tiny Ghost, edited our books, illustrated our covers, or helped promote our books and spread the word I am so, so thankful. You are the ectoplasm that fuels this ghostly operation. And finally, I never anticipated when I started Tiny Ghost how much joy it would bring to connect with readers from all over the world, to hear their stories, and to know that our books are making people feel seen. This year even more readers have connected with our books and this is truly the best gift ever. Over the last twelve months we've learned a lot and grown exponentially and while there have been a fair few growing pains, this year has also been incredibly rewarding. We have an absolutely sick line up of books waiting in the wings and ready to dazzle in 2024 and further afield. If you've read one of our books, stocked them in your store, or even written one, thank you so, so much for your support, none of this would be possible without you. As we move into the future we will strive to continue to provide the representation that is sorely needed in these trying times. We will continue to champion underrepresented voices in the face of book bans and rising opposition. And we will of course be as gay and spooky as we possibly can. Have an amazing holiday season, treat yourself kindly, have an extra chocolate for me.

As always, stay scary.

Josh xx

We're cozying up by the fireplace with a cup of cocoa and our favorite queer books and reflecting on what a whirlwind of excitement 2023 has been for Tiny Ghost Press. Our second full year publishing spooky and speculative queer young adult books has been full of magic and wonder and we wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

We're thrilled to have launched 4 remarkable books this year and can hardly contain our excitement for the 4 gems brewing for a 2024 release! Get ready for more adventures and captivating tales that will whisk you away.

Our first sequel, Chasing The Alpha's Son by Penny Jessup, struck gold 🌟 and became a bestseller! This queer werewolf romance is set during the festive season and is the perfect stocking stuffer that will get your hearts racing.

We danced with glee when our coming-of-age summer camp horror, This Pact Is Not Ours snatched the coveted spot of #1 New Release on Amazon and as author Zachary Sergi went on tour across the US!

We sold audio rights for four of our titles and produced the audiobook for another, giving readers more ways to access our incredible queer stories.

We attended our first YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) in London and our hearts were full as we were able to meet so many readers, authors, and faces we've seen on Tiktok and Insta, and as we got to introduce new readers to our books.

Our fantastic authors came together for a vibrant round table talk. It was a delightful gathering, sharing insights and stories about their incredible books and their journeys toward publication.

We wouldn't have had the amazing year we've had without the support of bookstores, reviewers, influencers, and of course, readers. Your unwavering support and love for our queer spooky stories has filled our year with immeasurable joy. Your passion for these stories fuels our dedication to continue pushing for more queer representation in books for teens.

As we bid adieu to 2023, let's raise a toast to the countless pages turned, the adventures shared, and the magic woven through each story. Here's to an enchanting 2024 filled with more riveting tales and shared adventures!

Wishing you a jolly, but always spooky, holiday season. Tiny Ghost Press.

P.S. Keep your bookmarks ready for more exciting announcements and sneak peeks in the new year! BOO!


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