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TINY GHOST PRESS is an independent publisher 🦄  specialising in QUEER YOUNG ADULT fiction 🌈 📚, with a taste 👅  for all things spook-tacular👻.


Here at Tiny Ghost Press we're developing a roster of fresh, engaging books for an often overlooked audience. To create a platform for the spooky oddballs, the goth ghouls, the teen wolves, and anyone who lives outside the norms of society. 

We're obsessed with fresh voices, queer perspectives, authentic stories, and, well, ghosts. We love all things spooky and supernatural, like haunted houses, romantic werewolves, and spells gone awry. But we're just as interested in publishing meet-cutes, comings of age, slice of life stories, and rom-coms. As long as it's queer and a great read we're into it!

We work with early career authors, from signing to publishing. Providing creative development and copy editing, formatting and design, and a unique marketing strategy.

We're run by a small but passionate team of avid readers with experience in story development, developmental and copy editing, author relations, digital publishing, branding, and marketing. And we're hoping to work with some amazing authors to carve out a space for the tiny ghosts and little monsters out there in the publishing landscape. 

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Founder and Editorial Director

Joshua Dean Perry


Josh started Tiny Ghost in 2022 with the goal of increasing queer representation in books and combining two of his passions: queer stories and all things spooky. He has over five years of experience in publishing working in production, author relations, and editorial and has been writing for over a decade. He has ghostwritten a number of best selling novels, along with some seriously additive werewolf romances. Before pursuing publishing as a career he worked in theater, film and TV, where he wrote and produced a number of web-series and plays.  He is obsessed with story and thanks Buffy the Vampire Slayer for his love of narrative structure and metaphor. 

What's your favorite scary movie? This might be pretty obvious but it has to be Scream, there's not a dud in the entire franchise and that's including number 3!

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Business and Sales Director

Reuben Davies-Hoare


Reuben has 12 years of experience in business management and as an executive assistant in various sectors, including hospitality, retail and finance. He lives a gentle Hobbit-like lifestyle in Oxfordshire, UK, and has been knitting the same pair of socks for nearly two years. His favourite fictional character is Miss Marple, and he one day hopes to solve a crime through being nosey.


What's your favorite scary movie? The Haunting (1999). 

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Editorial Assistant

Thomas Shah

Tom absolutely loves books — buying them and reading them (those are 100% two different hobbies). Fantasy, romance, crime, and mystery novels are his favourite. His ultimate dream is to one day live in a house-turned-library. I love a good horror movie or tv show, especially the campy kind!


What's your favorite scary movie? It has to be Totally Killer (2023). Classic small town slasher vibes with added time travel — an instant classic!


Social Media Marketer

Lewis Hughes

Lewis has always had a passion for great stories and loves using social media to spread the word about his favourites. You can find him on TikTok @AchilleanShelves.

What's your favorite scary movie? It (2017) because Pennywise is a top tier villain and I also love me some found family vibes!

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