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TINY GHOST PRESS is an independent publisher 🦄  specialising in QUEER YOUNG ADULT fiction 🌈 📚, with a taste 👅  for all things spook-tacular👻.


Here at Tiny Ghost Press we're developing a roster of fresh, engaging books for an often overlooked audience. To create a platform for the spooky oddballs, the goth ghouls, the teen wolves, and anyone who lives outside the norms of society. 

We're obsessed with fresh voices, queer perspectives, authentic stories, and, well, ghosts. We love all things spooky and supernatural, like haunted houses, romantic werewolves, and spells gone awry. But we're just as interested in publishing meet-cutes, comings of age, slice of life stories, and rom-coms. As long as it's queer and a great read we're into it!

We work with early career authors, from signing to publishing. Providing creative development and copy editing, formatting and design, and a unique marketing strategy.

We're run by a small but passionate team of avid readers with experience in story development, developmental and copy editing, author relations, digital publishing, branding, and marketing. And we're hoping to work with some amazing authors to carve out a space for the tiny ghosts and little monsters out there in the publishing landscape. 

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