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Trailer Park Prince 

by Andre L. Bradley

Coming June 11, 2024


Available for presale now!!!

LIST PRICE: HC £18.99  PB £8.99


A decade ago, a rift tore open the Kaydan sky, pulling twin princes, Noan and Jormon, plus thousands of their people, from their home world and dumping them in the American South. In the years since, they've grown used to the drones policing their every move and to hiding the magic-like abilities that set them apart. But they’ll never get used to the crosses burning outside their trailer—an occasional reminder that Kaydans don’t belong.

Forced to attend a human high school in the name of integration, a band-aid on an increasingly fraught diplomatic situation, the brothers are hesitant but hopeful. Jormon is excited about pursuing the feelings he has for Dirk, a human-raised Kaydan, away from his traditional father’s watchful eye. And Noan, blamed for the Kaydans’ displacement, is looking for somewhere—anywhere—to fit in.

But the halls of Toombs County High are as inhospitable as the rest of the country, and Jormon and Noan quickly find they’re as unwanted in class as they are on this planet. When tragedy strikes and violence breaks out, Jormon and Noan find themselves at the forefront of a battle for the existence of their people. Their bonds tested, the twins face gut-wrenching choices, forcing them to confront who they really are, what they truly want, and what it takes to survive.


When asked to lead in the face of oppression, will they walk away or fight fire with fire?

A thought provoking and unflinching depiction of prejudice, racial oppression, and the need to define oneself in the face of adversary, Trailer Park Prince is a timely allegory unafraid of addressing the divides facing our society. Full of magic, queer identities, action, and social commentary is an urgent and biting contemporary sci-fi fantasy.

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Andre Bradley is the author of adult and young adult fantasy fiction. He began his writing journey in 2006 as a young soldier serving in Iraq, and he has been creating people, places, and things ever since. Andre is from Vidalia, Georgia—home of the sweet onion—and though he has lived all over the world, he currently resides in Rockville, Maryland with his husband, son, and two dire wolves (ahem, regular dogs), where he works as a U.S. Diplomat.


Learn more at or by following @drebrad Twitter (or whatever it’s called now), or @billysgoatgruff on Instagram.

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