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Keep It In The Dark

by Justin Arnold

Coming December 3, 2024

Available for presale now!!!

LIST PRICE: HC £18.99  PB £8.99


In this unashamedly queer, supernatural romance, Justin Arnold, author of Wicked Little Things, challenges the institutions that have sidelined queer love to the shadows, and brings it into the light. 


Rowan Young knew where his life was heading.

The headmaster’s son and golden boy of elite Vermont boarding school Mockingbird Prep, Rowan was set to inherit a legacy passed down through generations of forefathers. 

Until a strange new student arrives to derail those plans.


Casper Belamy didn’t ask to be a vampire.

But now that he is one, all he wants is to travel the world looking for more of his kind. 

Before he can do that, he must accomplish an impossible task set forth by his adoptive family of vampiric royals: prove he can keep their kind safe and finish high school without being discovered. 


If controlling his thirst wasn’t hard enough, he is forced to share a dorm with the headmaster’s son. And despite their instant dislike for one another, Casper can’t ignore the mouth-wateringly delicious scent of Rowan’s blood. 


When bitter fights become late night rendez-vous, forbidden romance blossoms in the shadows. Facing a fearful world that would rather they stay hidden, Rowan and Casper contend with an onslaught of troubles: Rowan’s father is breathing down his neck, the safety of Casper’s new-found family is on his shoulders, and a secret society of slayers threatens to destroy everything. 


If love blooms in the dark, will it survive being brought into the light?


Justin Arnold is the author of Wicked Little Things and The Prince and the Puppet Thief. He's a storyteller, occasional comedian, and junk food connoisseur. He lives in the bluegrass region of Kentucky, where gnarled woods and abundant ghost stories fuel his inspiration.

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