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Girls Night 

by I.S. Belle

LIST PRICE: HC £18.99  PB £8.99



From the author of Zombabe and Babylove comes a queer YA novel about female friendship and fistfights that's sure to hit like a sucker punch to the heart.

Gossip queen ALEX longs to be seen.


Cheerleader TULSI is sick of cutting people on her sharp heart.


New kid CLEMENTINE can’t escape the violence inside.


And wallflower SUNJU is tired of keeping quiet.

When a twist of fate brings this unlikely quartet together, sparks and punches fly.

They call it ‘Girls Night,' an underground fight club that’s girls only.

Soon every girl at Sterling High is showing up to class with bruised knuckles and split lips.

Alex, Tulsi, Clementine, and Sun have never felt more alive. Until demonic head cheerleader, Quentin Scarhill, steps in the ring with her eyes on Alex.

As Quentin’s hold over Alex tightens, Girls Night spirals out of control.

Can they take back the reins before things turn deadly?

And if Girls Night ends will they throw in the towel on their newfound friendships?

"Fight Club reimagined with badass queer girls you can’t help but root for. This is an exciting, banter-filled story centered on girls who are finding themselves and finding each other. Their delightful moments of genuine rawness come not from when they’re fighting but from when they’re not." - Kirkus Reviews

"Bloody, bold and beautiful, these girls will knock you out and you'll thank them for it! I.S Belle has crafted an absolute must read story about the struggles and triumphs of queer high school girls."

- Rosie Talbot author of Sixteen Souls

"A thrilling story about girls taking back their power — GIRLS NIGHT is unashamedly queer, bloody and beautiful."

- Sierra Isley author of In the Ring

"Filled with explosive fights and even more explosive romances, this is one fight club you WILL talk about for years to come."

- Chloe Spencer author of Monstersona


I. S. Belle is a Young Adult author who lives in New Zealand. She works in a bookstore and stops to pat dogs in the street. If your local bookstore allows dogs - PLEASE bring them in!

She writes dark LGBT YA with happy endings.

She received a Creative Writing Masters from the International Institute of Modern Letters. She can be found on TikTok @i.s.belle_writes and on Instagram @isbelleauthor.

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