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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The Tiny Ghost Newsletter, edition #23, March 2, 2023

Hey glamour ghoul!

How are you? It's been a hot second. What's new?

This month I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the culture we've been consuming here at Tiny Ghost, for a bit of fun, but also from a lens of the sorts of things we'd be looking to publish.

There's no shortage of great content with teens at the forefront and the same goes for queer representation. And we have been diving into all of it. So here is quick recap of what's been on our watchlists recently.

Top of the list is The Last Of Us on HBO. This show has grown on us like a rabid fungi. While its third episode was lauded for its queer representation (which was incredibly well written), I was more impressed with the way Ellie's crush on her best friend was handled in the more recent episode seven. No spoilers if you haven't watched it yet, but this episode got me, gurl!

Of course, I devoured the second season of Young Royals as this one is of particular interest to us, sharing some DNA with our very own The Alpha's Son, and this show's sophomore season didn't let us down. I have to say it was hard seeing Simon and Wilhelm so at odds for the majority of the season, but it will be interesting to see how they wrap things up in the upcoming third and final season.

Okay so I haven't actually seen this one yet but I have my tickets booked for tomorrow night to see indie French flick Close, which is about a close friendship between two young boys, that's tested when the world starts asking questions about how close they are. I'm actually not sure if this is queer but its certainly queer adjacent in that it looks at the way friendships can be corrupted by false senses of masculinity and bowing to the pressures of society. I have high hopes!

My current read is Micah Nemerever's These Violent Delights (not to be confused with the novel of the same name by Chloe Gong). While not strictly YA (this book centers on two college aged men), this piece of dark academia looks at what happens when the world is so squarely against you and an insular relationship implodes. It's rivetting!

And finally in a surprize turn of events I decided to give That 90s Show a shot and was pleasantly surprized. As a big fan of the show's 70s based predecessor I was skeptical that this show would be able to hold much of a candle to the OG, but the new cast of characters are enormously likeable, Red and Kitty continue to steal the show, and visits from the original cast bring the nostalgia factor. The surprize breakout was Reyn Doi as closeted teen Ozzie. His coming out episode was a heartwarming entry that left me reaching for the tissues.

And of course I'm right into the third season of Outer Banks, while the show could do with upping its queer content I'm amazed that despite shipwrecks, tropical islands, and pirate gold this show has somehow managed not to jump the shark completely!

So that's just a snapshot of some of the queer culture I've been ingesting recently, that and of course a mountain of exciting submissions and constant edits on our upcoming titles. What have you been watching, reading, listening to?

In publishing related news our latest release Monstersona is just over two weeks old and since its release has earned itself a orange Amazon banner as a number one new release in not one but two categories. Congrats to author Chloe Spencer! Have you snatched up a copy yet? Monstersona is available now wherever books are sold.

The release of Against The Stars is racing toward us, and we're getting everything ready for the April 18th launch date. Lot's of announcements coming relating to this title soon, plus giveaways, blurbs, and more. Have you preordered your copy?

We're also gearing up to reveal the covers for (again) not one but TWO of our upcoming titles, the long awaited follow up to our inaugural title, Chasing The Alpha's Son, and our major new acquisition, This Pact Is Not Ours. So keep your eyes peeled for that, plus preorder links and some preorder giveaways!

And finally, we're getting close to announcing some new acquisitions as we start to lock in our 2024 catalogue. There's some exciting stuff coming your way so look out.

That's all for now. What have you been watching or reading? And what upcoming releases are you most excited for?

Stay scary,

Josh x


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