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Spooky Season Is Here!

The Tiny Ghost Newsletter, edition #16, September 29, 2022

What's up ghostly gal pal!

It's finally here. The leaves are changing color, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and the dead are picking an outfit getting ready to rise again! Yes, spooky season is here and as you can probably tell this is a very exciting time in the House of Ghost.

Here at Tiny Ghost we love all things ooky-spooky and this October we have a lot to look forward to.

But first quickly looking back for a second (to the beginning of the week), our second ever book came out last Tuesday, and if you're looking for a dark, urban fantasy with Finnish monsters, ghostly apparitions, chaos magic, and some amazing queer rep then you need to check out My Name Is Magic. We're so happy to see this book finally out in the wild and we'll probably be barking on about it all month so brace yourself! We had a couple of really great launch day events including a live Q&A with Jacob Demlow from A Very Queer Book Club, a deep dive into the inspiration behind Magic with Lewis from Achillean Shelves, and an amazing episode of the Demythifying podcast! I highly recommend you check these out and then enjoy the magic.

To celebrate the release of My Name Is Magic, we're giving our newsletter subscribers something special. For the month of October if you use the code SPOOKY you can get 25% off anything in the Tiny Ghost Shop. Nothing scary about that! We have a whole new line of My Name Is Magic merch so whether you want a shirt to rep your school house, a magical tote bag, or to support our in universe band The Knock-Knock Jokes, head over there now and check it out. And remember all purchases from the store go help us to produce more queer books and a portion of profits from the Tiny Ghost collection are donated to help homeless LGBTQ+ youth or those living in difficult situations.

Our next release is also coming up super quickly and you'll want to run, not walk to catch this one! Wicked Little Things is about Dane Craven, who learns that he's both gay and a witch when he turns sixteen. Thinking he's responsible for the murder of his cousin Dane returns to his hometown of Jasper Hollow and will have to team up with a coven of mean girls to find the killer. But there are ghostly and monstrous things afoot in Jasper Hollow and solving this murder might have deadlier consequences of the whole town. It's a campy, witchy, murder mystery and if you're a fan of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Craft, Mean Girls, or AHS: Coven you'll love this totally spooky book. Wicked Little Things is out in November, so why not give your self a spooky jump scare by preordering it now and forgetting all about it until it arrives on your doorstep in November, ready to scare the pants off you.

We're also looking forward to interacting with you all more throughout the month. Dates and times to come but we will be hosting tweet-alongs for some of our favorite scary movies, putting together spooky playlists, and we have one big announcement in the pipeline that will leave you howling. What could it be??? Let us know what you think or what you'd like to hear in the comments!

We're peeling our grapes, carving our pumpkins, and getting our Halloween costumes ready. Hell, we stopped removing the cobwebs from the office months ago, and we're really excited to share this spooky season with you. What are your Halloween plans??? We'd love to know and happy spooky season!


Stay scary,

Josh :0


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