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New Novel from Leah Thomas and Kali Wallace coming in 2025

Hey there scary scarers!

Excited to share some big #sopookyseason news...we have acquired THE BLADE THAT BINDS US from acclaimed authors Leah Thomas and Kali Wallace.

THE BLADE THAT BINDS US is a dark romantic fantasy about two boys who are inextricably bound together on the search for answers and hope as they journey across a dangerous landscape based on Icelandic myth.

When village-boy, Siggi, pulls what he believes to be the corpse of a witch from a burning pile of bodies, he didn't expect him to survive. Neither was Hrafn (pronounced a little like 'raven') expecting to be saved from the fire and thus be bound to do his saviour's bidding.

Siggi wants only one thing….to find his older brother, Arnes, who disappeared while on a quest for answers about their mysterious and deceased mother’s past; who she was, who her people were and why she left them.

Hrafn scries and conjures using a dark art called Skin Magic, and he quickly uncovers a breadcrumb (well… a tooth) to follow. Siggi and Hrafn set out on to find Arnes and answers, traveling across (and under) an unforgiving landscape, encountering figures brought to life from Icelandic-folklore along the way. Dangerous hidden folks and creatures - like huldu, ancient witches, a lyngbakr, darkwolves and jewel-eyed druids -enter into the journey, some as helpful friends, some as deadly foes.

The farther Hrafn and Siggi travel together, the closer they become to each other, and we watch their love blossom in defiance of a harsh and dangerous world.

Leah and Kali have written a dark, oddball fantasy that pulls the reader in and stabs the aforementioned blade right into their heart. It's cooky and creepy, and perfect for fanas of fantasy and romance alike. We cannot wait to bring this title to the world in the Fall of 2025.

Keep your grapes peeled because as always we'll have a cover reveal and presale links coming shortly. In the meantime, let us know in the comments what you're doing and reading this Halloween???

Stay scary,



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