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Happy Pride Month!!!

The Tiny Ghost Newsletter, edition #9, June 9, 2022

Hey Spooky Spook! Happy Pride Month!

Welcome to another edition of the Tiny Ghost Newsletter. This is our first pride month as a company and although we're proud all year round, we're super pumped to be part of the resistance and fighting for queer rep in the publishing world this June. And very excited about to see our social feeds flooded with rainbows. We hope you have an amazing month.

You may have noticed some friendly emails from us in your inbox outside of our normal posting schedule. In an attempt to keep our subscribers as up to date as possible we want to be able to make announcements about books deals, cover reveals, book launches, and basically anything exciting or time sensitive in real time when they happen. To do this we're separating out the regular fortnightly newsletter posts from our big announcement posts. Hoping this way you'll receive all the Tiny Ghost news as soon as it's live.

This also means we're able to use the newsletter for a more in depth look at Tiny Ghost as a company, at our process, our people, and get more personal. I want to share our journey as a publisher with you, something I always wanted from the newsletter, and I'm happy that we're finally going to have the breathing room to do so. I hope you'll all come along for the ride.

There's a couple of things I want to bring up this week, the first is our commitment to diversity. We're devoted to publishing books from every possible perspective within the queer family. But our drive for representation and diversity extends beyond queerness. To that end I want to encourage anyone from minority or marginalised groups (who also identify as queer) to submit their books for publishing. I'm super focused on making sure we aren't a publisher specialising in books about cis, white, gay men, but we're also beholden to what appears in our submissions inbox. So if you have a story featuring BIPOC or neurodivergent queer characters we want to know about it. If that sounds like you or someone you know, you/they can submit your/their book to us by following the instructions on our submission page. We're also on the hunt for more material from or featuring lesbian and trans authors and characters. I'd can't wait to read your books and to continue to work to diversify the publishing landscape!

Next up we've joined Tiktok! I know we're already late to the party, but after some reservations about talking to camera, I'm excited to get to know the #booktok community and chat all things queer YA. If you fancy checking out our profile you can do that here and of course a like and a follow literally never goes astray.

You may have also noticed our latest book deal announcement on Tuesday, but I just want to reiterate how excited I am about working on Against The Stars with Christopher Hartland. This book really got me (cut to me crying on the bus) and I'm really excited to shepherd it into the world. You can add Christopher's book on Goodreads and keep your grapes peeled (do people get that?) for the cover reveal and presale launch in the coming weeks.

Finally, a couple of reminders. Wicked Little Things is available for presale now!!! You don't want to miss the red hot murder mystery complete with ghosts, witchcraft, and gays.

And The Alpha's Son audiobook came out a week or so ago and we've loved seeing your reactions to it. Keep an eye on our Tiktok for an exclusive audiobook giveaway!

And lastly to say thank you for reading this far and being a Tiny Ghost subscriber and to celebrate pride we've extended the ed date for the subscriber discount in the Tiny Ghost Shop and upped the discount to 30%! For the rest of June you can claim your discount by using the code NEWSLETTER1. Wear your merch with pride this Pride Month and help an independent queer company bring more representation into the world.

Thanks again for your support and going on this journey with us.

Stay scary,

Josh x

P.S. As we continue to grow it's so exciting to see who's along for the ride but we're also really interested in what people are keen to see more of. What would you like to see covered in this newsletter? What sort of books would you like us to publish? Which communities would you like to see represented? Let us know if the comments, and help us build a reader focussed publishing experience!


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