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Welcome To Jasper Hollow

The Tiny Ghost Newsletter, edition #19, November 10, 2022

Hey wicked little thing!

October may be over but here at Tiny Ghost Press we celebrate spooky season all year round! And our next fright-tastic event is the release of Wicked Little Things on November 15!

This spooky scary, camp and queer horror is about a gay witch, forced to join a coven of it-girls in order to solve his cousin's murder, but in doing so may wind up haunted by the ghosts of the town. It's perfect for fans of Riverdale and Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, along with Heathers, Mean Girls, and The Craft. You can preorder your copy now, wherever books are sold.

Before Wicked Little Things is let loose upon the world I thought it would be fun to explore the setting of the book, Jasper Hollow, a sleepy little town with a dark history and mysteriously spooky vibe. Luckily the town's tourism department was very helpful and informative, so without further fuss, allow me to welcome you to Jasper Hollow, a town filled with ghosts, demons, and witches! And if you look closely, you may realize there’s more to the town than meets the eye.

For a small taste of the town’s history come visit the Founder’s Home at Collingwood Hall! Built in 1850, this impressive Antebellum Greek revival mansion housed the founder of Jasper Hollow Lester Collingwood, his wife Tabitha, and their bloodhound Jasper for whom the town was named after. This famous location is also the site of the founder’s murder just seven years after the Hall was constructed. The killer was never caught, the official presumption being it was someone who opposed Lester’s abolitionist views; however rumors suggest Tabitha may have had a hand in the crime. With the foundation marred by the violent death of its maker, most believe the Hall is haunted. If you ever visit, watch out for the second floor and the smokehouse in the backyard where ghosts are frequently spotted by locals. Some even say that the smokehouse itself is a portal to hell. Today the Hall functions as a museum for the town’s history, run by none other than Ada Montgomery who you can recognize by the pet copperhead snake, Louisa, who she sports around her neck.

If haunted sites are your thing, then you must visit the Old Hospital. Originally built in 1910, the hospital functioned as an asylum until 1951 when it was converted to house tuberculosis patients. In 1965 it was converted once again to become a retirement home. It’s estimated that around 7,500 people perished within its walls during its fifty-five-year span of operation. The hospital used to be a popular site for paranormal investigators until it was purchased by an anonymous buyer in 2018, making it private property. Paranormal investigators who disregard the no-trespassing sign have reported evidence of someone, or something, possibly living inside the abandoned halls. It’s a common rite of passage for children to dare each other to touch the front door. Many have claimed to see ghosts, hear scratching or crying, and even the growls of a mysterious monster in the shadows.

Of course, if you’re a traditionalist, you can always take a trip to the Court House. Finished in 1890, this beautiful Greek revival building houses a domed clock tower. While completing the dome, three workers fell to their death and legend has it they still remain there to this day. The top floor houses two court rooms, with the clerk’s office and DMV residing on the middle level. The basement is rumored to store archives of historical documents that the city would rather remain under wraps. In 2005, an initiative to install an eternal flame came to a grinding halt when workers came upon a human skull stuffed with owl feathers, coincidentally, the bulbs of the streetlamps around the courthouse square exploded and the entire town lost electricity following the discovery. The following morning, the yard was flooded with blood. It’s unclear what became of the skull or its history, evidence of this event has somehow vanished and as of 2022 has fallen from public memory into nothing more than a silly urban legend.

If you’re not into history, then you might just have to visit The Hallow Bean. An up-and-coming coffee shop that just finished its first year of operation. Owned and operated by young entrepreneur Scout Sadow, who seemingly drifted into town overnight. The shop takes a more liberal approach, being the only business in Jasper Hollow to embrace preferred pronouns and hang pride flags in the windows. The shop employs only one other individual, E.J. Kowalski, the son of the mayor. The shop is located at 906 Main Street, which originally housed a saloon where two men entered but never left after a fight left them riddled with bullet holes. Known to be haunted ever since, Scout isn’t opposed to capitalizing on this by selling t-shirts with cute cartoon ghosts. Don’t forget to ask about the secret menu item - The Bloody Brawler, better known to regulars as a red velvet frappe with chocolate sprinkles! (Check out our merch store on the 15th for some exclusive in-world Hallow Bean merchandise!)

In October Jasper Hollow really comes to life, with carved pumpkins and leaves scattered about the town. And one particular highlight is Fall Fest! It runs the 2nd and 3rd weekend of October and the whole town comes out to scare themselves on silly on the rides and eat their bodyweight in cotton candy. While you’re there, get your picture taken with Frankenstein, The Wolfman, The Wicked Witch of the West, The Mummy, and more! Try your hand at the pie baking contest, or maybe the Little Mr. and Ms. Goblin Pageant is more up your alley. There are dozens of attractions like the Ferris Wheel, the Scrambler, the Gravity Spinner, Swings, and even a Giant Slide. Of course, it wouldn’t be a “Fall” fest without some spooky attractions like the Lil Pumpkin Coaster, Spinning Cauldrons, and Kernel Kob’s Corn Maze. And new to the Fall Fest this year, come scream your heart out at the House of Terror!

Fair warning to anyone who has children or is a teenager themselves, watch out for the Reds! Madelaine Wednesday is known by all as the Queen Bee of Jasper Hollow. Ferocious and fierce, all power, no apology, Madelaine breathes pink yet bleeds red. She may or may not have a record of stealing boys. Look closely over her shoulder and you might catch the shadows of the past deciding her every move! Elena Gallegos has a poker face worthy of Gaga, you’ll never know what she’s thinking. Aloofness is her most treasured weapon, and she uses her smarts to save valuable time, cut to the chase, and think up her next scathing read of the nearest fool. Her glare cuts like a knife, and while calm, cool, and calculating, she’s already over you. Where Madelaine and Elena go, Chloe White is never far behind. As the self-appointed ditz of the trio, Chloe plays her role with enthusiasm. What she lacks in courage she makes up for with an abundance of joy. She’s always available to talk about your crush or pick the perfect outfit, basic and proud, queen of clapping, and reigning homecoming queen Chloe deals in shallowness and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Despite all of this, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the Reds, and mystery follows them like a gray cloud. Consider yourself warned!

So there you have it. Jasper Hollow has a checkered past and great coffee and is well worth a visit anytime of year. So when Wicked Little Things comes out on November 15, pay the town a visit, and see it for yourself!

Stay scary,

Travis & Josh from TGP


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