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'The Alpha's Son' is OUT NOW!!!

The Tiny Ghost Newsletter, edition #1, Feb 12, 2022

It's finally here!

Today is the release of our first title, 'The Alpha's Son,' by debut author Penny Jessup, and also the first edition of our bi-monthly (we think) newsletter!


Here at Tiny Ghost Press our goal is publishing amazing queer stories for young adults––we believe that representation matters––and to build a home for the glamour ghouls, little monsters, and tiny ghosts out there.

So often I hear people say 'I wish I had books like this (The Alpha's Son) when I was a kid.' And so do I! That's why I came up with Tiny Ghost Press, so that kids and teens these days can grow up with books in which they can see themselves. So that no one, no matter how freaky or odd, feels represented and seen. Our mission is to publish a broad range of queer perspectives, to publish inclusive, diverse, and exciting books, bringing to the forefront characters from every corner of the queer universe. In time, my hope is for our catalogue of titles to include everything from gay werewolves, to sapphic witches, non-binary mages, trans elves, coming out stories, adventures with a queer twist, horrifying haunted houses, adorable meet cutes, and everything in between.

We plan to work in conjunction with queer charities to give back to the community and to build a community of our own. So that if you're ever in need of a little spooky hug, you know where to turn.

And we're super pleased to launch our company with the release of 'The Alpha's Son,' this book is a queer love story with a hairy twist, about two werewolves who don't fit in with their pack. Max has no interest in romance or finding his mate, until he's invited to the Blue Moon festival, a summer camp where teen wolves go to find their other half. He'd rather be chilling with his best friend, or eating his dad's steak sandwiches, but on the night of the mating run, Max's life is turned completely upside down, when he's thrown together with the ridiculously handsome, but totally-a-jerk, son of the alpha, Jasper Apollo. Caught completely by surprise, neither Max nor Jasper are particularly bowled over by the newfound feelings clawing at their hearts. But when they're forced to work together to save their friend, they'll have no choice but to confront the truth about themselves. If they reject their destinies, will fate's bark be worse than its bite?

We're super proud of this book and the journey it's taken to get it to this place, we owe thanks to so many people and to everyone who has posted about the book reviewed it, shared it, liked, commented, and even (read: especially) bought it. I'm personally so blown away by the reception not only to the book, but that the company has had, and I can't wait to continue sharing more amazing books with you all.

Being such a new company (truly the tiniest of ghosts right now) your support means the world and anything you do to help us spread the word is so important. So if you have a spare second to review the book on Amazon, or Goodreads, (or anywhere/everywhere!), or to share us on your social media, or talk about us to a friend (or five thousand) it would go a long, long way and be so appreciated.

That's all the news I have for today and this first edition of the Tiny Ghost Newsletter. For those of you who are already subscribed thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you tell everyone you know what a great choice hitting that subscribe button was. Stay tuned for more company news––we have some big announcements in the very near future––and for more exciting and incredibly queer releases!



'The Alpha's Son,' is available as of the 12th of February everywhere books are sold. You can find it on Amazon here:


And in the UK:

On Indiebound:

At The Book Despository:

At Barnes and Noble here:

At WHSmith here:

At Angus & Roberston in Aus here:

Or to order from your local bookstore quote ISBN: 9781739983413


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