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Queer Dystopian Fantasy From Debut Author Kree Sullivan Coming in 2025

Hey tiny ghost fam!

Very excited to announce that we have acquired and will be publishing Kree Sullivan's debut novel BLACKBLOOD!

Semi-trucks like the Blackblood might smuggle magical artifacts, but they don’t smuggle mages. That was the former captain’s iron-clad rule—one Armina intends to keep now that she’s taken over. After all, mages bring magic-hating Huntsmen, and Huntsmen bring death, and Armina’s only goal is keeping her home and business safe and running smoothly.

Then she finds a mage sleeping in the back of her truck, dripping their black blood onto the floor. At war with her conscience and her desire to keep her truck safe, Armina must decide whether to help this mage or abandon them on the desolate desert roads.

Unfortunately, the mage—Canto—requires more than a safe place to lie low. They want

Armina’s help with an impossible heist: to pluck their kidnapped mother from the heart of the Huntsmen headquarters in the western mountains. Failure invites imprisonment or exsanguination, but Canto refuses to let their mother go, and Armina’s murky past begins to surface with all clues pointing west.

If they’re going to pull this off, they’ll need help. Even if that help comes at the hands of the Huntsmen themselves.

Kree Sullivan is a YA author, passionate gamer, and monster lover. She grew up in New Jersey where she gained an appreciation for both the deep dark woods and the deep dark ocean. She holds a master’s degree in creative writing from Johns Hopkins University. She and her partner live in Northern Virginia with their two soot-sprite cats: Jupiter and Hades.

We are so excited for this title coming in Spring 2025 and to welcome Kree to the Tiny Ghost fam! As always stay tuned for cover reveals, presale links, and more! Keep your grapes peeled.

Stay scary... Josh x


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