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In Against The Stars a shady tech company called GlimpseTech is offering all over-sixteens the chance to see a forty-four second glimpse of their future!

But you don't need to glimpse the future to read this tearjerking queer YA romance...because it's here!

Against The Stars by Christopher Hartland is out today!!!

When an attempt to kiss his best friend becomes a prom night disaster, Elliot Dove’s confusion surrounding his sexuality is thrown into overdrive. Desperate for some clarity, Elliot turns to GlimpseTech, a company offering all over-sixteens a 44-second glimpse of what lies ahead. But Elliot’s Glimpse only makes him more confused, showing him in an intimate moment with Sebastian Glass, the ‘one gay kid’ in his year at school.

Seb, meanwhile, hates Glimpses, and blames the technology for his dad’s absence. But unlike the protesters picket-lining GlimpseTech headquarters, Seb has other things to worry about, like his mum’s depression and the man showing up at his house demanding money. Then he bumps into Elliot, and bumps into him again, until it seems the universe is pulling them together.

Despite the vast differences in their lives, Elliot and Seb find something they were missing in each other, and soon friendship blooms into something more. But tensions are growing in the outside world. Rumors of the so-called ‘Last Day’––the day beyond which no one has seen in their Glimpse––are causing widespread panic. With the end of the world an increasingly real prospect, a seemingly uncrossable class divide, and the secret of Elliot’s Glimpse a ticking time bomb, the universe may have other plans for Elliot and Seb.

Against The Stars is an exploration of class, love, and destiny, perfect for fans of Adam Silvera’s They Both Die At The End. This speculative, queer romance will have readers desperate to know how things turn out, but if given the choice, would you glimpse ahead?

This is what people are saying about the novel:​

"I don't need to see into the future to know that many readers will fall for Against The Stars! I was hooked by the mind-bending sci-fi concept from the first chapter, which was woven so expertly into the tale of two boys falling in love. The perfect blend of speculative fiction and queer romance!"

- Jason June, New York Times bestselling author of Out of the Blue

"Against the Stars crafts a budding queer romance atop escalating tension from the world's near end that keeps the reader engaged. With human characters navigating a multitude of experiences that encompass a teenager's life, this is an insightful story about the power of destiny and how far we'll go for love, even when the future is uncertain."

- Brian Zepka author of The Temperature of Me and You

"Against The Stars is a beautifully written speculative YA contemporary that poses the question: if you could see a glimpse into your future, would you? Seb and Elliot, both charming and complicated characters, are complete opposites, down to their opinions on the future-telling technology. While fate may have brought them together, whether they stay together is a decision that is ultimately up to them. Against The Stars is a tender love story that serves as a reminder that we are in control of our own lives and there’s no better time to live, than right here, in this moment."

- Jackie Khalilieh, author of Something More

Against The Stars is a heartwrenching exploration of young love, mental health, class, and destiny. It's perfect for fans of Alice Oseman's Heartstopper and Adam Silvera's They Both Die At The End.

Grab the tissues and prepare yourself for this emotional journey! Against The Stars is available NOW wherever books are sold!!!

If given the chance would you glimpse the future???

Stay scary,

Josh x


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