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OUT NOW! Chasing the Alpha's Son is finally here!

Wolves of the Elite Pack! The wait if finally over! The much anticipated follow up to 2022's The Alpha's Son is finally out and available now wherever books are sold.

In Chasing the Alpha's Son Max and Jasper's mate bond is put to the ultimate test, with Jasper determined to keep his word and stay away from Max. and Max as equally determined to break through, and ultimately asking the question...when is it time to give up the chase?

The sequel sees Max and Jasper travelling with a group of Elite Wolves to a new pack to witness a rare blood moon. At this new pack we meet some new characters and learn about political unrest between the packs, both of which threatened to widen the divide between the boys.

Chasing The Alpha's Son promises to deliver all the heart breaking queer romance of its predecessor with new locations, new werewolves, new challenges, and unforeseen twists in a gripping tale of love, destiny, and the path to defining one’s queer identity. This follow up is bigger, queerer, and more angst filled! If you loved Penny Jessup's debut you won't want to miss this next instalment!

Read on below for the full blurb and please, please, please tell your friends and leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Storygraph. It would mean the world!

May the moon gods bless the path between souls and happy reading!


It’s been three months since their kiss on the beach and Max hasn’t heard a whisper from Jasper.

With Christmas fast approaching, and despite vowing he would chase Jasper to the ends of the world, Max is ready to give up. Until Alpha Jericho announces he’s sending a select envoy of Elite Pack wolves to an allied wolf-pack stationed high in the rocky mountains, where they will bear witness to a Blood Moon. A week in a cozy ski-lodge sounds as romantic as you can get, so Max decides to give things with Jasper one last shot.

But life in the mountains is rockier than expected and finding alone time with Jasper is harder than Max thought. Political unrest between the packs is galvanizing Jasper’s determination to keep them apart, and new and old suitors are emerging in the pursuit of Jasper’s affections.

Running headfirst into snow storms, Max begins to question if the destiny he’s been chasing is what he really wants. And when the Blood Moon arrives, bringing irrevocable change that no one saw coming, Max and Jasper’s connection will be put to the ultimate test.

Will they find the path between souls among the snow covered peaks or will the mountain roads lead them to an unexpected destiny?


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