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New Novel from Chloe Spencer Coming 2024!

October 2024 can't come soon enough! We are thrilled to announce (offishially!) that we've acquired Monstersona author Chloe Spencer's next thrilling paranormal mystery Haunting Melody!

Haunting Melody is the story of a teen ghost hunter, scarred by her first hunt (both physically and mentally) who moves to the small island town of Murkmore to start a new life and help her parents solve a series of grissly murders. Solving these crimes is Melody's ticket to redemption and when she stumbles upon the ghost of a musical prodigy––the enigmatic and annoyingly good-looking Cyrus––Melody will think she has the case all sewn up. Only Cyrus isn't a killer and the clues point to a culprit still on the loose and likely to strike again. Now this unlikely team, ghost and ghost hunter, must team up to find the killer, uncover the secrets of Cyrus's past, and confront the sinister tunes haunting Melody.

When I say this book has it all I'm not kidding...there's murder, mystery, romance, a creepy beach-side setting, lesbian rep, body positivity, non-binary rep, and a whole chorus of thrilling twists.

Haunting melody will be available for pre-order shortly, so stay tuned for the cover reveal and more to come!

We're thrilled to continue working with Chloe and can't wait for you all to meet Melody and Cyrus!

Stay scary,

Josh xx

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1 Comment

Chloe Spencer
Chloe Spencer
Jun 15, 2023

I'm so excited to be working with Tiny Ghost again on this one!!! 😊

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