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New Justin Arnold novel coming Christmas 2024!

We've had Olivia Rodrigo's new single Vampire on repeat for days and not just because it's an absolute banger. But because we've got vampires on the mind!

Finally, FINALLY(!!!), we've signed our first vampire-centric novel, from the wicked little mind of Justin Arnold (author of Wicked Little Things) comes KEEP IT IN THE DARK, an enemies-to-lovers, dark academia romance, in which a recently turned teen vampire becomes the first vamp to attend an exclusive boarding school, where things are tough enough, despite having to share a room with the handsome but begrudging principal's son.

This one touches on the censorship of queer identities, the isolation of feeling like the odd one out, and has mystery, intrigue, vampire lore, and a whole lot of romance. We cannot wait to bring this out just in time for Christmas 2024!

We'll have loads more news, a cover reveal, and more on the way, so keep your grapes peeled, you'll want to sink your teeth into this one!

Stay scary and stream Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo,

Josh xx


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