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Holiday Discounts, Freebies, and Promos...oh my!

Hey Festive Fiend!

This December we're getting into the Christmas spirit with some festive discounts and giveaways.

First up, take home more of the magic this Christmas!

Xan van Rooyen has written a dark and haunting prequel story to their urban fantasy My Name Is Magic, titled A Song For Kekri. In this twisted tale we meet Mervi the Magnificent before she held that title, back when she was a teenager in a world where women weren't allowed to use magic. When her brother tears open their sacred family tree, releasing a dark malevolent force into the village, Mervi will need to access power she didn't know she had in order to save the ones she loves. This thrilling companion piece is a deeper dive into the mythology and lore of My Name Is Magic.

All December we're giving away A Song For Kekri as a gift with purchase when you buy My Name Is Magic in any format. To claim your Christmas freebie, simply fill out this form and include your proof of purchase. We'll send you a PDF of this short story.

Next up we're having a sale! There's nothing like a Christmas bargain and for the next two weeks the ebooks of both My Name Is Magic and Wicked Little Things ebooks will be just $0.99 on Amazon!!! Make sure your kindle is loaded before making that trip home, or bunkering down for the winter. This discount will only last for two weeks, so make sure to snap up a copy of both books now!

And finally, for our newsletter subscribers we're discounting everything in the Tiny Ghost Shop, including books! Simply use code: XMAS2022 when you checkout and you could be wearing a snazzy Tiny Ghost beanie or drinking hot chocolate from a Tiny Ghost mug this Christmas! Tiny Ghost Shop merch helps us to publish queer young adult books, and a portion of profits also go to helping homeless LGBTQ+ youth. It's the perfect gift for the spooky reader in your life.

Make sure you take advantage of these festive promos and from everyone at Tiny Ghost...Happy holidays!

Stay scary...and festive...



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