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Book Deal Announcement!

Hello spooky spookers!

I'm am thrilled to announce we have acquired Andre L. Bradley's stunning debut novel Trailer Park Prince!

Trailer Park Prince is a sci-fi fantasy about the twin princes of an alien race and the disparate ways in which they confront oppression and bigotry.

When a rift opens between our world and theirs, Noan and Jormon, the twin princes of the Kaydan race, are stranded on Earth along with a small contingent of their kind. Forced to live in a run-down trailer park by the fearful and prejudiced US government, tensions rise when the princes, plus a cohort of their peers, are permitted to attend a human high school. Both princes find their worlds opening up as they experience queer love, friendship, and community despite facing severe backlash from the surrounding communities. Peace is short-lived however, and when tragedy strikes both Noan and Jormon will need to ask themselves who they want to be in the face of adversity. A question that will lead them down divergent paths toward an uncertain future.

Bradley's novel is a raw and unflinching look at the divisions facing our society, the progress we'd thought we'd made, and the violence to come, all set within a queer-coming-of-age sci-fi fantasy full of love and magic. We are so proud to be publishing this book and we cannot wait to share it with you next summer!

Keep your grapes peeled for the official cover reveal and presale links coming soon, you won't want to miss this one!

Stay scary,

Josh xx


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