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A New Supernatural Romance from Christopher Hartland coming Spring 2026!

Hey Tiny Ghost fam!

I'm thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with the inimitably talented Christopher Hartland, author of contemporary sci-fi romance, Against The Stars, once again to bring you Chris's latest, AS One Door Closes.

To enter the afterlife one must cross through a door, unlocked by the Angel of Death, but when the keys to those doors are stolen no one can die. With the population of Earth expanding at an unsustainable rate, Death sends her half-angel/half-human son Orpheus to find them. On his search, he encounters Evan, a human warlock who wishes he could use his magic openly and not have to live in fear. Together, they will go in search of the keys to unlock the passage of death, and while attempting to avert a global crisis, learn there might be more to life than they thought.

Check out the official announcement here:

As One Door Closes addresses the uncertainties of life and explores what it means to be human and to live. Featuring a heartwarming queer romance between the winged Orpheus and the disgruntled warlock, Evan, and both queer and autistic representation, you won't want to miss this one.

We're thrilled to be working with Chris again and so excited to bring this philosophical supernatural romance to you for Spring 2026.

Keep your eyes peeled for the cover reveal, more details, and where you can snag a copy of this extraordinary queer romance.

Stay scary...

Josh x

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Definitely adding this to my TBR/

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