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The Alpha's Son in Hardcover and a TG Newsletter Exclusive!

The Tiny Ghost Newsletter, edition #3, March 11, 2022

Hey there glamour ghouls and tiny ghosts!

The announcements keep rolling in and they just won't quit!

This week I have two very exciting things to talk about, one of which is a Tiny Ghost Newsletter exclusive so make sure to read till the end.

Up first it was announced this week that The Alpha's Son will be coming out in hardcover this May! The official date for this release is May 3rd. This new edition will be perfect for collectors, #JasMax stans, and anyone yet to nab a copy of The Alpha's Son. It will be on presale in a few days so watch this space/keep your eye on your favorite bookseller sites. And to make things even more exciting to celebrate the release we'll be running a giveaway over on our Instagram so make sure to give us a follow and keep your grapes peeled. The winner of the giveaway will receive some neat swag too, so well worth the follow.

Next up we have a newsletter exclusive!

I'm super duper excited to announce that the Tiny Ghost Shop will be launching soon. This online store will be the perfect place to grab some official Tiny Ghost Press merch, from the Tiny Ghost Collection.

The store will also feature exclusive merchandise lines from all of our titles, including signed editions, prints, t-shirts, and more!

What's even more exciting is that we're partnering with akt in order to give back to our queer community. akt does incredible work supporting LGBTQ+ young people who are facing homelessness or living in unsupportive homes. Protecting young queer people is so important and paramount to what we want to achieve as a company, so we wanted a tangible way for our supporters to know their contribution is working toward a greater future for queer young adults. To that end, a portion of all profits from the Tiny Ghost Shop will be donated to akt! We're incredibly proud to be partnered with such an amazing organisation and excited for the chance to give something back.

The store will launch in the coming weeks so once again follow us on the gram, and subscribe to the Tiny Ghost newsletter.

That's all the post from the dead letter office this week.

There's even more to come in the next few months so as always stay tuned and stay scary.




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